At Suntory, we believe in doing more than just offering products. We are committed to providing greater positive impacts to everyone around us as we grow. It is our responsibility to give back to nature, and to society.

With "Giving back to society" as one of its core values, we have initiated various activities that serve to nurture Health and Wellness of people in our communities, together with developing innovative new products for consumers’ choices, sharing our values to our employees and business partners, and supporting local communities and the environment.

Brand Young Blood is the project that has been established since 1997, in cooperation with the National Blood Service Center under Thai Red Cross Society, with the objective of helping alleviate the problem of insufficient blood reserves especially in emergency situation such as pandemic or annual festive period which a lot of road accidents occur. This project aims to promote and invite youth student as well as the general people to donate blood to increase the blood supply for saving human lives and do it routinely by inspiring them to change their behaviors and value while sharing knowledge of how to prepare yourselves before giving blood donation in order to get good quality blood from the healthy donor.

From the past till now, this project was able to reach more than 1,687,608 units of spare blood, or approximately 759,423,600 million cc. This blood is distributed to all hospital in needs at all over the country. Not only 1 unit of blood donated (450 CC) can save 3 people’s lives but also produce many more blood products (red blood cell, blood platelet, and plasma) to treat more patients with various diseases.

The other project for people's health and well-being is the "Brand Sharing Kindness" project. We have started donating BRAND's products to hospitals and government agencies to support the health of medical personnel including field staff who have had to work hard during the COVID-19 outbreak since 2020. We have continued to donate products until now by expanding donations to local communities and patients in various hospitals to promote community health in broader areas under the theme “Getting Healthy with BRAND’s”.