BRAND’S presents BRAND'S Emperor™ Genuine Bird’s Nest beverage in rising popularity for health-conscious choices.

May 17, 2023


combining the goodness of three Chinese herbs with high-quality bird's nest and provides total body nourishment that is available in a single bottle

‘Good health’ is the most precious of all possessions. BRAND'S Bird's Nest invites you to reward yourself with a new formula! BRAND'S Emperor™ Genuine Bird’s Nest beverage, high-quality genuine bird's nest combined with the health benefits of three premium Chinese herbs in one bottle: Golden Cordyceps, Ginseng and Lingzhi. This beneficial drink aligns perfectly with the expanding trend of health enthusiasts and fulfills the promise of being a pioneer in the health supplements industry.

New! BRAND'S Emperor™ Genuine Bird's Nest is a formula made from 3 types of Chinese herbs with a recipe inspired by the legends of Chinese emperors who believed strongly in the enhancement of health. It contains 'NANA' (N-Acetylneuraminic acid) or sialic acid, a unique substance of genuine bird's nest along with many benefits from the kings of Chinese herbs including golden cordyceps, ginseng and lingzhi. BRAND'S Emperor™ Genuine Bird's Nest is for anyone who wants to take care of their health and to give as a gift as a symbol of care to their loved ones.

Additionally, BRAND'S developed this precious herbal formula in response to the trend among those 45 years and older who value their health and are interested in Chinese medicine. The market for bird's nests has grown by 23% this year, according to NielsenIQ (Thailand) figures (June 2023) and is now valued at about 2.46 billion Baht.

Reward yourself regularly with BRAND'S choice of 2 formulas - BRAND'S Emperor™ Genuine Bird's Nest Classic (available for purchase at all supermarkets, 7-Eleven stores and online platforms including Shopee and Lazada) and BRAND'S Emperor™ Genuine Bird's Nest Xylitol (available exclusively only at 7-Eleven) priced at 109 Baht for a single 42 ml bottle and 599 Baht for a pack of 6 bottles.